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7 Tips For Business/Frequent

Nov 21, 2017 | Business Budget Hotel, Casa blog, Hotel near Airport Vadodara

Are you a business traveler or a newbie that has started frequent business travel? We plan to make your business trips and travels enjoyable and comfortable with these super 7 game-changing tips. Go make your life easier!

1. Become a repeat customer/Join a Loyalty Program

It pays. Being a regular customer always has its own benefits and advantages. Sign up for Frequent
Flyer/Traveler programs and Privilege Memberships at hotels if you frequently visit that city. You will be able to cash-in flyer mileage or points & upgrades after a while. When you are a loyal customer, the businesses’ take notice & In return rewards your fidelity & also offers increasingly personalized services by learning your preferences over time. There are many advantages attached to it.

PrivilegeMemberships such as of Hotel Casa Vadodara offers a whopping 25% discount on their executive rooms, early check-ins and late check-out times without any extra cost and perks like discounts on laundry bills & in-room dining.

2. Book Hotels Intelligently

The location of the hotels is an underestimated but very important factor. It’s no fun when you live in an isolated area or around slum dwellings or in a congested area, away from the city’s attractions and landmarks. Always research before you book your accommodations. Choose and pick hotels that are close to happening areas in the city. The proximity to railway station, bus terminal, and an airport is also a factor to be considered. For e.g. Hotel Casa, it is situated in the buzzing area of Fatehgunj in Vadodara, nearer to all public transport services and around malls & multiplexes.

3. Ask for upgrades

More often than not, people hesitate to ask about upgrades, finding it a little cheap to ask. And unless you’re an elite player, airlines and hotels don’t give an upgrade anymore. But sometimes, you can get it cheap, just by asking. Coach seats and tiny hotel rooms are not the only options. More legroom and comfortable seats are available because many of them have an up-sell policy. At hotels, the front desk is the sweet spot for suites. Many a time, you would be surprised that a suite is available just for a few hundred bucks more. But there are rules to be abided, and they are unwritten.

First, ask politely and don’t expect to get an upgrade just because you asked. Rude behavior could even end up getting you on the upgrade blacklist. Second, the more specific you can be with your request, the better. Last but not least, arriving later in the day or in the evening increases your likelihood of an upgrade.

4. Learn your Company’s Travel Policy

Most of the companies have set travel policies with an explicit guideline on booking travel & accommodation tools and also how much can you spend and on what items. Even if you’re not a first-time traveler, you might be surprised to learn some of the stipulations in your company’s policy, so be sure to give it a good read.

Many a time, it might be easier to book travel & hotels directly through its website, but some companies do not allow keeping accrued mileage and loyalty points that can be used for later redemption. Hotels like Hotel Casa tie-up with companies to extend the benefits to every employee of the company & also its guests & delegates, which makes accommodation very easy for the company, in relation to the budget & convenience.

5. Be a big(Ger), spender

Do not be a miser when it comes to spending. Business travelers are business people first and they should understand and encourage the concept of tipping. They should be in a better position to understand that receiving tips makes an obvious difference in the service, for good. Money talks and will be heard even over the day-to-day din of business travel.

6. Pre-book your car

It is a wise thing to do so. The cars available at airports always have a high charge and there might not be any available. Waiting for a cheaper car to turn up in different weather conditions can be a pain. It is a wise step to pre-book a car or have the hotel extend its pick-up & drop services. You would know better the feeling of being greeted by a man in a suit holding a card with your name spelled out in sharpie.

7. Pack Light; Pack Smart

It is universal wisdom that one should always travel light. But it is altogether a different thing to forget the essential things. The midway out is to create a travel check-list and match it with your travel itinerary. Pack business clothes for meetings and casuals for day-offs with respective footwear & accessories.

Using pre-packed toiletry bags and gadgets fully charged the night before is a good thing to do. Take clothes which can be paired differently for different occasions. Also, dress the part if you are directly going for a meeting from the airport, as baggage getting lost is a big problem many a time.


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