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Taking a Flight of Development in Vadodara

Oct 12, 2017 | Hotel near Airport Vadodara, Hotel near Railway station Vadodara

“It can hardly be a coincidence that no language on Earth has ever produced the phrase, “as pretty as an airport.” – Douglas Adams, Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. Of course, when he wrote this, the new swashbuckling airport of Vadodara was not taken into consideration.

Vadodara, the cultural capital of Gujarat state, is also developing in the industrial and technological sectors. Besides having an escalating growth in transport & connectivity factors, the city is also progressing to become a recognized hub of education & infrastructure.The current Vadodara airport needs to modernize to develop it at par with the international airports.The existing domestic terminal at Vadodara airport is small and cannot handle a large number of passengers. The newest development for the upcoming cosmopolitan is the new International Terminal at Vadodara

The airport which will be ready by March 2016. The new terminal will begin international flights from Harni Airport, mostly starting direct flights to Dubai from Vadodara. The new integrated terminal building will have an area of 18, 120 sq. mtr. The integrated terminal building will have a peak hour passenger handling capacity of 700 passengers (500 domestic and 200 international) and annual handling capacity of 7.30 lakhs. It will have 18 check-in counters.

Great airports have the ability to create a sense of excitement, anticipation, and spirit of flight, even from a distance. Approaching the new terminal from Vadodara, passengers will see the iconic and sleek contemporary structure made of only glass & steel, without any bricks. The filtered natural light from skylights above and the sound of flowing water will activate and enliven the experience inside the terminal.

The organization of the terminal will be straightforward and efficient. Passenger baggage circulation will be organized so that departing and arriving passengers, as well as domestic and international passengers, do not mingle at any point on the airside of the building. The new building will have a modern passenger friendly facilities such as central AC system, inline X-ray baggage inspection system integrated with the baggage conveyor, escalators, public address system, flight information display system, CCTV for surveillance, check-in counters with common use terminal equipment, car parking etc.

These amenities will be developed keeping in mind the needs of the modern day travelers, whether they are individual travelers or business travelers or leisure travelers with families. Modern-day travelers generally look out for luxury at a budget rate, and also in the proximity. Only 3.5 km away from the BDQ airport terminal is the smart luxury-budget hotel, Hotel Casa. It is one such hotel which is ranked on the top in the Bed & Breakfast category and awarded 4 stars by TripAdvisor, for providing luxury amenities at a budget price.

Hotel Casa, where quality meets luxury and affordability, caters to the needs of the modern day traveler and offers such amenities & facilities which make the stay at Casa all the more delightful. The hotel is located in the lively & cosmopolitan area of Fatehgunj, which is in the proximity to the airport, the Vadodara railway station & the bus terminal. The budget tariffs prove to be very economical for travelers on the move. The services are absolute value-for-money and prove to be budget-friendly. The Frequent Traveler Program offering Privilege Membership benefits is a huge hit with the guests. Hotel Casa proves to be the perfect smart hotel for a smart developing city of Vadodara!


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